Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Organizing Your Computer Files

Organizing Your Computer Files for TPT
Everyone has a different way to organize. This system has worked for me for several years.

I start with a main folder for Teachers Pay Teachers. Inside that folder, I break it down into some categories: Marketing, Completed Products, Products to Finish, Data, etc.
Organizing Your Computer Files for TPT: Main TPT Categories
I then break each of those folders down. For example inside the Completed Products Folder is a folder for each product I have created. Inside the product folder is a copy of the product, a copy of the preview, and the editable pieces for the product.
Organizing Your Computer Files for TPT: Each Product has its own folder
In my Design Tools folder, I have a Clip Art for TPT folder. Inside are several category folders including graphics, photos, borders, etc. I keep each product together inside the category. I don't group them by theme or artist.
Organizing Your Computer Files for TPT: Organized by Type of Clip Art
I did change the folder preview to the clip art preview to help me find things easier. On my Mac, I use Img2icns, which is a free download, to change my folder preview.
Organizing Your Computer Files for TPT: Graphics by Product
This keeps me organized. Of course, I am terrible at putting things in the right folder when I download something. So every now and then I have to go in and clean up my folders. In fact, it is time to straighten them up.

I encourage you to find a system that works best for you!


  1. I've only got 30 or so products in my store and I think keeping your files organized is one of the most difficult things to do. I soon realized that: organisation is ONE of the keys! Thanks for your article !!

    1. Yes! Start organizing now before you have hundreds. Find a system that works for you when you have a small amount. It is MUCH easier!! :)

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I've had my Mac for a year and have been trying to figure out how to change the folder image. Life just got easier!

    Best wishes,