Thursday, November 17, 2016

Starting Out on TPT

Starting Out on TPT, 10 Tips to Start Your TPT Store

You've created materials for your classroom for awhile now. You've decided you need a little extra cash. You decide to sell your created materials on TPT. Now what?

Here are a few things to do and know.

1) Add a photo or logo. You will be seen as a more serious buyer if you have a picture/logo vs the default logo. Go to My Account (or your name depending on the screen)>Store Profile>Edit and upload your profile image.

2) While you are on your Profile go ahead and fill out all of the information. You can always change anything later. Some people do look at your profile, so you should have answers in each category. You can also add images or links in this section.

3) The first product you upload will be your Primary Free item. Be sure everything you upload is copyright & trademark free. Check out this post for all of the other important things of what your product (free or paid) should include. This free item should be just as high of quality as anything else you put in your store.

4) Add paid products. Again be sure everything you upload is copyright & trademark free. Focus on making quality products that are unique and professional looking. Don't just copy someone else. Do your own thing!

5) Make sure your titles and descriptions are clear and buyer friendly.

6) Avoid all of the "bright shiny objects" that are distractions. They will eat away at your creation time. They can be time & joy suckers. Just because "everyone" has a blog, FB page, IG account, Twitter account, Pinterest account, is on Snapchat, is making videos, is turning everything digital, is using this scheduling app or that program, etc. doesn't mean you have to. Start with what you can handle. That may be just creating quality, professional products. You may be able to do a couple of things, but you don't need to do it all. There is something "new" that comes about all the time. We don't have time to do it all and be good at it all. Pick what you have time for. I would highly suggest a Pinterest account over everything as it is a way to advertise your products.

7) Be aware there are ups & downs and things will start slowly. If you spend all of your time worrying about, reading about, and commenting about the slow times and no one is buying your products, you won't have time to create and you won't have any joy. Leave the negative nellies behind you, and focus on the positives. TPT is not a get-rich-quick.

8) Followers and feedback will come in spurts. It will be slow. Organic is the best way to go. You want people to follow you that are interested in your products. You want your feedback to come from people who actually use (or will use) your products.

9) TPT product creation takes a lot of effort and hard work. You have to put in the work to see the rewards. Don't compare yourself to other sellers. Let your journey be yours.

10) Ask questions! Ask in the Forums, FB groups, or email/contact another seller.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Is the Note to Followers worth using? Some sellers say it isn't because they never look at them. I used to think that way as well. Then I decided to give it a try again. I became a believer in using them. Here's why:

1) It's a great way to a) provide an exclusive freebie as a "thank you" without having to do a flash freebie that they probably won't see and b) remind them of your new products, old products, and seasonal products.

2) It's free promotion going directly to people that clicked on the green star. Okay some of them may just be following you because of a giveaway or something, but maybe you'll hook them in with your fabulous notes.

3) Over 50 followers clicked on the download link I provided. Yes, I have over a thousand followers, but that is over 50 people continuing to interact with me. Buyers that aren't sellers don't always act like seller-buyers. Many of them do open those notes, so send them out!
 You can send out a note every 30 days. I would NOT waste it on just announcing a site wide sale. TPT puts up banners announcing the sale right on the site. Also, everyone puts up images on all of the Social Media outlets to announce a site wide sale. So use it for something more important.
 You can access your Note to Followers from the drop down menu or the Marketing tab on your dashboard.
Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Using Your TPT Note to Followers
 You can add images to your note. Your image needs a URL. You can host your image on a site such as Flickr or Tinypic. You can also copy from your Mailchimp newsletter and everything copies over (images and hyperlinks). You can also host on a secret Pinterest board. If you are using an image already on TPT, just right-click on the image and choose "copy image address". Click on the tree image in the toolbar and insert the URL in the pop-up box.
Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Using Your TPT Note to Followers
 You can hyperlink to products, blog posts, social media, etc. Highlight the text you want to link. Click on the chain link image in the toolbar and insert the URL in the pop-up box. If you want to track the number of clicks, use a link.
Using Your TPT Note to Followers

Using Your TPT Note to Followers

 Do not use emojis. This evidently causes problems with your post showing everything.
 You should be following your own store. If not, go click your own green star. Once your note arrives, be sure to check it. I had one go out that didn't attach the image even though it showed the image on the preview. If this happens, submit a ticket to TPT. They were able to delete the note and allow me to resend it.

Happy Note sending!!