Sunday, April 17, 2016

Motivational Monday: Mindset

I had one of THOSE days the other day. You know the one - nothing is going right, numbers drop, your mind can't think of anything positive, work is not getting done, you're frustrated, etc. I woke up that way and just could not shake it off because I looked at my stats for the day before and they weren't that impressive - revenue was low, lost a follower in one area, and on and on. Let's face it. We ALL have those kinds of days. So what do you do to get yourself out of the "funk"? Change your mindset!

❊ Meditate
❊ Pray
❊ Read quotes that are inspirational, positive, motivational
❊ Look at the whole scheme of things not just a small part
❊ Think about who you are helping - teachers and students
❊ Have some "me time" by doing something else that you love to do

It takes more of an effort on days like this, but you can do it.

Have a great week!


  1. Once again, you are so right !!! We do have to keep a positive mind, whatever happens . Thanks again for all your great tips !

    1. Yep. Stay positive. Glad you stopped by!

  2. Yoga is so helpful too! Love your blog.

    1. I have only tried yoga (chair yoga) once. I hope to try it again soon. It seems like it would definitely help with the mindset. Thanks for stopping by!