Friday, May 13, 2016

Pinterest Tips Part 4

Pinterest Tips Part 4 Additional Thoughts and Tips
In Part 1, we talked about setting up your Pinterest account and boards. In Part 2, we talked about pinning and repinning things. In Part 3, we discussed creating pins. Part 4 is some additional thoughts and tips on Pinterest.

Do you have a blog?
For each post have some great pinnable images.
 Add a Pin It button to your blog. This will make it easier for people to pin those amazing blog post photos.
 You can add a Pinterest widget to your blog so followers can see what you are pinning.

How often should you pin things?
You should be pinning every day in my opinion. Of course, you don't want to pin the same thing over and over to the same board. You also don't want to be seen as a rapid pinner (pinning a lot in a short amount of time). This can be seen by Pinterest as spam.
 If you can't remember to pin, set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to stop and do some pinning.
 You can also use a pin scheduler. I use Tailwind. There is a fee for it but I find it worth the money. I can schedule my pins a month at a time (some people do a week at a time) and not worry about it. Yes, I still do other pinning besides the scheduled pins, but at least I know pins are going out if I forget. Other schedulers include Traffic Wonker, Buffer, and Board Booster. I do not know anything about them.

Pinning Parties
I DO NOT RECOMMEND PINNING PARTIES. Yes, TPT has a forum for Pinterest which is mostly about pinning parties. I don't recommend them because 1) you are then just pinning products (remember 80% content, 20% products) and 2) you don't know the quality of the resource you are pinning.

Collaborative Boards
Collab Boards are a great way to share pins and find other pins you can repin. Be careful, though.
 Some collab boards are where pins go to die.
 Check the pins on the board to see if they are getting repins.
 Is the board just products or are there content pins? I
 f you want to join a collab board, check the board description to see if they are accepting new collaborators and if there is an email to contact the board owner. You can also message the board owner (the first picture shown above the pins) on Pinterest.
 Check out Pin Groupie to find collab boards in your area of interest.

Happy Pinning!


  1. Thanks, Misty! I always appreciate your words of wisdom!
    Joyce Oberg
    1st Grade Pandamania

  2. Hi Misty, hope conference was great. How do I do the following: 1) Add a Pin It button to your blog, 2) Add a Pinterest widget to your blog so followers can see what you are pinning.

    1. I am still traveling home from the conference. I can add that info when I get home.