Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Descriptions and Keywords - Don't be a Stuffer!

Descriptions and Keywords - Don't be a Stuffer
EDITED: TPT is making changes to the algorithm. They have been looking at titles and snippets (the first few lines of your description). 

According to Charlotte at TPT, "We’ve found that more descriptive titles work best. Short titles that don’t offer much information aren’t a good experience because Buyers can't quickly and easily differentiate between resources that have the same or similar titles."

According to Charlotte at TPT, "Repeating your title in those essential first few sentences isn't adding any new information, and the data shows that snippets that are redundant lead to fewer clicks from the search results."

I will update as more information is presented.

When you write descriptions for your TPT resources, you want to be sure to write a BUYER friendly description. The description is not for the search algorithm but is intended to help buyers understand what is in your product. Writing the same keyword over and over again (keyword stuffing) is not beneficial to a potential buyer.

Does your description start like this?
end of year - end of year - end of year - end of year - end of year - end of year

or like this?
end of year
end of year
end of year
end of year

If you are starting your descriptions with a list of the keyword, please put an end to this practice. TPT has asked us not to do this at the beginning or end of resource descriptions.

You can start your description with the keyword if it is the first word in your title. Here's an example:

End of Year Math Activities is a great resource to engage your students in the last few weeks of school.

You can use the keyword in your first sentence.

Do you need some engaging end of the year math activities?

Then use the keyword NATURALLY throughout your description. Repeating the word over and over in list format is not using it naturally.

Descriptions Suggestions
should be buyer friendly
include keywords naturally
tell the buyer what is included (teacher notes, 3 worksheets, game, answer key, etc)
list the skills included if more than one in the resource (adding fractions, adding mixed numbers, adding a fraction and a whole number, etc)
hyperlink to similar products, a bundle, or a custom category - I don't suggest more than 5 hyperlinks (to hyperlink: < a href=TPT URL>YOUR WORDS/TITLE</a > take out the space before the first a and after the last a)
ask them to follow your store for updates
remind them to leave feedback
use some bold text and bullet points to help items stand out and make the description scannable (see Make Your Descriptions POP post for how to bold text and use bullet points)

TPT is changing the search algorithm. They are in A/B testing mode right now. People will see different results due to the testing. You should take some time to look at your descriptions and see how you can make them better for a better buyer experience.


  1. Thanks so much Misty! I was just looking into descriptions yesterday so this came at the perfect time! I appreciate your blog and all your help to help us newbies to TPT!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Just remember that TPT is still doing A/B testing. So if you search for your products and don't find them, don't be alarmed. Start thinking in terms of long tail keywords (more of a keyword phrase).