Friday, February 26, 2016

Anatomy of a TPT Cover

**IMPORTANT** - Be sure that whatever you use is for commercial use and you follow the Terms of Use outlined by the artist!!

Once you've selected your size, it's time to build a cover.

Here are some items to consider when creating a cover.

Choose a background paper or photo. You don't want something too distracting to take away from your title.

I like to use a frame with a white background so the title doesn't blend into the paper/photo.

Your title should be large and bold. Your title should be appropriate to your product and stand out. Remember that many people are doing a quick search for something that might be suited to their students' needs, or they are on a mobile device to do their searching. Check it even after you post the product. There are many times I have to go back and redo the cover because what I thought would work cannot be seen clearly. You can use fun fonts just be sure they are readable. TPT has many fabulous font artists. Be sure you purchase a commercial use font for your products.

If you are using clipart, be sure it is age-appropriate. Think about your audience and what they might be attracted to NOT what you are attracted to. TPT has many fabulous clip artists for a variety of levels.

Add your logo and/or your name to the cover.

Other Things You Can Add

Some sellers add this and some don't. I started adding it to my products about a year ago. This gives the buyer an idea of the level while they are scrolling through search.

If you are going to add this information, be sure it meets the standards you are identifying.

You might want to add a photo of the product in use. You can also shrink a few pages down and use those on the cover.

Final Thoughts
Add the items that are going to make an attractive cover for your products. Everyone is different, and everyone's covers should look different. I suggest looking at a variety of covers for some ideas. Check different sellers in your area of expertise. Do a search for a topic you offer and see what the covers look like. Can you spot yours? I do not suggest you copy someone else's idea to make your covers exactly like someone else. You want your products to stand out in the sea of TPT products.

I do have a free set of background papers that can be used on covers. Feel free to download by clicking here or on the image below. The papers are for personal and commercial use, and a Terms of Use (TOU) is included.

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